Take Action NOW

A lifetime of meaning becomes evident by stepping up to perform a version of your lifetime.

Commitment and enthusiasm are essential to living a complete life. One calls you to honor your path and another to adopt.

Without retreating into the comforts of the known to play large, one has to take bold risks.

A lot of people favor the path less trodden. They work in jobs they dislike to cover the bills and do what is required of them while living ordinary lives. This way of life span your magnificence by adapting to societal standards.

You are intended to achieve higher.

Your limiting beliefs hold you back because you wonder your unworthiness out of claiming a goal and your greatness.

“We encounter the greatest richness in our lives once we invest in a certain task or appreciate and it returns to us through satisfaction or significance,” writes James Hollis in What Matters Most: Living a Longer Life.

I invite you to go all out and not hold back. A life of sorrow isn’t a life of meaning but among distress and guilt.

There’s no delight in lamenting the past, for the very best time to take action is NOW.

If you venture into the unknown, meaning is found. There, your accomplishments arise when you draw on your internal resources.

It’s insufficient to survive. You need to thrive on realizing your potential.

To stand out means to live to affect your life and others’ lives.

It no denies that you’re endowed with talents and gifts. You are still discovering them. However, the thread isn’t withholding them due to fear.

Fear stifles your genius should you get into its narrative and keeps you trapped at a self-imposed prison.

“As soon as you believe that a tag you’ve put yourself is accurate, you have limited something limitless, you’ve limited who you’re into nothing more than a thought,” affirms the spiritual leader Adyashanti in Falling into Grace.

A Journey of Inner Discovery

Life is replete when you step up insignificance. For you have dared to venture into the depths of your self that is greater in these moments, your calling is known.

You can’t go back to your life for you to evolve to a higher state of consciousness as soon as you’ve awakened your abilities and genius.

There’s in pursuing the ideals society lays out to you, not anything gratifying. These are the criteria as opposed to the rules. You must grow to be the exception – that the trailblazer destined to embark on a heartfelt journey of discovery.

“Allow success implies only that you’re dedicated, and failure just that you have made insufficient progress,” writes Alex Lickerman at The Undefeated Mind: On the Science of Constructing an Indestructible Self.

You could have an inner calling, yet contemplate whether to turn this.

Here is my one minute wisdom: I don’t know the answer, and neither do you.

The only way is to try. Lay it on the line and have a risk, however large or small. Until you keep trying, you won’t know. It’s true. You will fail. You will also fall rather than wish to get up.

However, your efforts could pay off, and you’ll be rewarded. On the other hand, it may not work out.

Nevertheless, follow your impulses and try again.

It is a more profound feeling of significance that summons one to give it.

Writer Victor J. Strecher writes in his book Life on Goal: How Living for What Matters Most Changes Everything: “So let your purpose be large, lofty, even outrageous! I want to awake in the morning with my purpose foremost in mind and go to bed at night, knowing that I worked .”

Life insists you remain there and will kick you hard when you are down. However, while you play large, falling is your lesson, and getting back up becomes your journey of self-discovery.

As stated, it is not how many times you fall, but you rise. In these minutes, fire, your internal resolve, and dedication to stepping up counts.

My fascination with authenticity has grown to such a level in recent times that I devoted an entire book to it branded, Awaken Your Authentic Self.

Authenticity means aligning with the essence of your self. It’s the mind that is higher, not the anxious and fearful small self, which frees you of your unworthiness.

You wake up your inner powers and step in the life destined for you as you merge into your authentic self.

It is not enough to read go back to living a life and inspirational posts on Facebook or Instagram, expecting to feed your spirit. You have to take bold actions, even in the face of doubt and fear.

“It is never too late to begin. It’s always too late to wait patiently,” states author Jeff Olson at The Slight Edge.

The magic comes at a cost and is the tantalizing fruit dangling at the end of a branch. For you must climb to grab it, and only then will the spoils be given to you.

What do you need to lose? Your pride? Your sense of security?

Consider what you may gain when you step into a life of greatness. To focus on your shortfalls means missing out on the benefits.

Step out on a sidewalk if you want to realize your hopes and fantasies. No one will do it. If you don’t take risks, no one will care if you triumph, but many wills.

“The three killers of fantasies are detail-itis, excuse-itis, along with the hesitation virus. And they stem from uncertainty,” says writer Larry Weidel in Serial Winner: 5 Activities to Make Your Cycle of Success.

A Life of Greatness

It doesn’t serve you to blend in with the masses, to be hot one day and lost the next. The unpopular and nonconformists are individuals who make a dent on earth.

If you want to create an impression in your own life and the lives of others, dare to differ. Agree to expose your uniqueness. Dare to be.

Take risks, little ones – large ones. Who cares? Just take them for goodness’ sake. Stop wallowing in your sense of entitlement or hiding behind your pride. You’re not entitled to anything aside from perseverance, hard work, and grit.

Thus, fail. Fail fast. Adopt your failures and quit hiding behind your doubts because they are killing you.

Learn and embrace. Expect nothing other to play your hand as you see fit.

Some cards will fall your way. Others won’t. That is life. Try again.

Go into yourself when tiredness consumed you. That’s the 1.

Writer Larry Weidel says: “Winners know that in the event you don’t determine what you want, you are going to get whatever life hands you.”

Don’t settle for second best. The second best is the life of mediocrity. A lifetime of emotional and psychological torment. A life of resentment and uncertainty. Don’t be that person. The fire in your stomach is there for a reason, do not extinguish it before it burns brightly.

Laugh at your mistakes and cry. As you publicly can be as human and enjoy your frailties and shortcomings.

Embrace the individual you are emerging from the cocoon, you stand out and will be an individual tomorrow when you step up.


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