Life is full of twists and turns. It’s easy to become despondent.

Adversities and obstacles show up, and we find ourselves.

People today say life is unfair?

I presume they’re referring to life becoming unfavourable when things don’t go as intended.

Indeed, we’re smart enough to understand. We do not always get what we want. Sorry to rain on your parade.

One thing that’s helped me remain optimistic is that not everything will go as planned and that’s okay. Since there something higher on the horizon to fill its place, not getting what I want is often a fantastic thing.

We have to accept the life of negative emotions, street blocks, obstacles and circumstances which will derail our best-laid plans. Knowing the burden should be removed by this, life is an adventure full of successes and valleys, although not sailing.

Should you fear, “what might go wrong next,” you place an unnecessary burden on your shoulders while still dreading the worst.

If you embrace a heart that is optimistic and hopeful, you can breathe easier and anticipate a pleasant future.

Hope Has What It Takes

Hope is much more valuable than we give it credit for. It’s a soft burning flame, unable to become capable of enduring some conditions.

Hope has what it takes to get you through anything.

“People usually think about expect among the most wondrous of gifts: it keeps us going when we would like to stop and makes potential victories that seem unattainable,” affirms author Dr Alex Lickerman at The Undefeated Mind: On The Science of Constructing an Indestructible Self.

Hope is the belief things will work, especially when it seems. It enables you to stay calm and peaceful when something less than desired emerges.

Hope believes you will get through it.

Hope remembers the times that you made it through.

Hope believes in the impossible and teams with faith.

Emotional Upheaval

When times are hard, of who we are, our emotions are intensified and not symbolic.

When the boss tells you the company is downsizing. Your situation is terminated, when your son gets disconnected from college, your partner decides they do not know whether they want to spend the rest of their life on you, the physician gives you an adverse health report or your puppy’s gone lost. Your emotions are in for a roller-coaster ride.

However, with hope, your thoughts gravitate toward optimism.

We can’t expect life to be smooth sailing. Unexpected conditions arise, not to overwhelm us but to test our resolve and awaken us to our real power.

Our emotional response in times isn’t indicative of our true self. That is rather than staying composed because we react to our surroundings.

Lessons To Be Learned

When there is a scenario gloomy, you are encouraged to master a lesson larger than you anticipate. When expect will get you through this is. There could be a series of adventures of looking for a different job during your transition. Should you lose your job.

You will realise your job was loathed by you and are more determined to find. Perhaps you understand that instead of working for somebody you would like to start your own business. Consider this something to learn from rather than dwelling on the setbacks.

Assuredly, there’s a lesson and inner expansion contained within your circumstances, even if you can’t see it yet.

I appreciate the advice from writer Jan Frazier in The Freedom of being Ease with What’s, “The reality is that in the period between the onset of hope and once the outcome occurs, you don’t understand what is going to happen. The dislikes, not understanding. Feeling expect is a way of avoiding the discomfort of uncertainty.”

Visualise A Positive Future

During tough times, do your very best to imagine a future. What you dwell upon is what you likely will get. Call it optimistic thinking, though what you hold in your mind is what you are going to get.

We are the product of our feelings, given that we feel our way. You are very likely to entice those situations because of your overriding reactions if your emotions are fixed on negative aspects.

The world reflects that which you put out to the ether.

For example, if I entertain negative thoughts associated with not having enough cash to pay my bills, I’ll see signs of the echoed in fact. I might notice a TV commercial discussing debt avoidance, or someone mentions their difficulties. I recognise the warning signs that my ideas are out of alignment if I’m aware of. If I continue with these thoughts, it’s likely because I’ve willed it into life to materialise, if I enjoy it or not.

“Researchers have repeatedly demonstrated that altering our perspective and focusing on characteristics of the situation that are in our control may have a hugely beneficial effect on our hope, motivation, and self-esteem,” states author Guy Winch in Emotional First Aid: Practical Strategies for Fixing Failure, Rejection, Guilt, and Other Everyday Emotional Injuries.

How do you determine your future?

Close your eyes for an instant and visualise a positive path.

It takes discipline and works to make an intentional future, and it can not be achieved. This is because you’re likely to slip into your ways if you’re not mindful of your ideas.

Unattached To Effects

The world is filled with those who have overcome failures and hurdles to become prosperous and joyful. Since they appreciate that not everything goes as planned, they are unattached to outcomes. If one door closes, another opens at the right time as their thoughts are still in alignment.

Allow life by being siphoned away from results, to weave her mysterious ways. What seems detrimental initially might be laying the groundwork for something more on.

Dedicate to a lifetime of confidence, irrespective of the circumstances when times are complicated, and raise the beacon of hope. You can get confident through your willingness to see life from another standpoint.

Next time something does not go as intended, draw on hope and announce, “It’ll be alright, I trust for the best in this situation”, and odds are it will turn out as you want.


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