There Are Five Basic Reasons

There are many reasons why and sales campaign, a great deal of time, allocation of resources, preparation much more can lead to slow and even bad sales results. Having been celebrating and teaching sales approaches and practices around the world for more than thirty-five decades and witnessing numerous stupid as well as genius approaches used by individuals and organizations I believe there are five primary reasons why sales decrease or are in a slump whatever the market, industry, customer desires, and aggressive competencies, etc..

Many sales trainers and sales specialists might suggest that it is just poor execution of Revenue 101 – prospecting abilities presentation skills or the inability to disarm close sales and objections. Although all these traditional sales methodologies are significant, I feel that if you’ve got all of these and lack the five, you will never achieve improved sales results and earnings. I’ll keep this simple.

Here are the five reasons –

-A lack of consistent implementation of a process that is proven.
-Reliance on a single marketing strategy.
-Poor product/service messaging.
-Over or underuse of specific communication techniques.
-A deficiency of implementation integrity.

-A lack of a process that is proven of consistent execution.

To attain lasting and continuing success, there is a procedure required. It doesn’t matter if operating in the hospital,’s cooking in the kitchen or construction on a construction website. Wherever you see victory, I will guarantee a procedure is that’s consistently being followed to ensure results.

The sales process is no different. If one minute you’re selling this manner and the next moment you are selling otherwise – that I will guarantee you’ll get inconsistent results. Allow me to offer you a quick illustration.

Let us say you have a prospect who wants and needs your product or service, and you have been trained to sell it a particular way. However, you have decided because this individual appears more accessible or affinitive for you – you choose to correct your approach and get a little more friendly than ordinary, open or whatever – as a result, you create a different sales environment that deviates from the typical path – one you’re unfamiliar with. One the prospect may feel somewhat ahead. You have abandoned your process.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should not tailor your sales message to the interests or style of every prospect, what I’m saying is when and if you abandoned proven sales techniques, strategies, and approaches for something new or different you may get less than historic proven positive outcomes.

I am not suggesting that all or any procedures are the best strategies or successful or that any process shouldn’t be open to change, improvement and upgrading. And, I don’t need my heart surgeon sticking with the process when it instincts when circumstances or situations warrant it to correct or adapt, but I do need them to stick with protocols.

If you don’t own and stick with a proven sales process, I’ll guarantee you live with a lot of frustration, doubt, unknowns, disappointment and also regret from time to time.

-Reliance on a single marketing strategy.

If you would like to succeed and compete, yes, you require a site. It’s true. You have to do Public Relations from time to time. Yes, your sales efforts can be helped by marketing.

Yes, emails are essential occasionally, and yes, you also will need to pick the telephone up once. Get it. You need a blending process when it comes to marketing and its approval and support of your sales efforts.

Positive responses will be achieved by them when earnings efforts rely on a single marketing approach. When sales activity is not foreshadowed with some industry exposure or not supported by follow-up activity, you’re relying only on the efforts of the sales effort.

To secure much better and more consistently positive results, it is a smart move to have both pre and post-sales action that reinforces customer benefits and the underlying fundamental sales message.

Consider it if salesperson A shows to get an appointment – whatever – and the prospect hasn’t heard of her or his organization or product or service – they have got a great deal of work to perform.

When salespeople B shows up for their appointment and the prospect seen one billboard, heard one radio ad and read one advertisement on a site they had been looking before the sales assembly – that of both appointments do you think will tend to have a higher prospect of succeeding?

-Poor product/service messaging.

Have you ever watched a product or service firm, and when it completed, you were shaking your head thinking -“what was that all about?” Well, I have – nearly daily.

I’m not sure how some of these stupid ads make it, but someone should wake them up- they’re dumb and don’t do the support or item justice. Because I’m sure that you have seen, read or heard your share of 24, no, I’m not going to examples.

I only want to point out that if your messaging is perplexing, contradictory or could be perceived or interpreted as negative or derogatory in any manner, it won’t contribute to your sales success at all.

-During or underuse of specific communication techniques.

Technology would like us to believe that the only way to market to people now is with the Techno Whiz, emails or websites. Yes, all these are significant and may often be an essential part of lifestyle now but let me assure you” word of mouth” hasn’t lost its effect on the buying public or process. Research tells us when the client has a product or service experience – they will, usually, tell nine individuals.

And, those nine people on average will tell five people, and this process only continues on and on – so let me ask you how many people over time do you think will find that unwanted message and just how much cash do you want to spend on advertising and advertising to counteract this harmful exposure?

Just ask any organization that’s lost clients, market share, as well as gone belly-up as a result of negative press, and I’m not speaking about”fake news”, and in hindsight, they could admit they failed to anticipate the adverse consequences due to this adverse experience.

If you believe that you will hit a home run each time with a campaign of a new product or service relying solely on your investment in tech exposure – you live in”fantasy land”. I can hear some of you now, “NO, Tim, you are living in”Denial-Land” and just don’t get it – how people are buying now.” OK, you are not listening I did not say you didn’t have to use earnings to improve, ” said you want to not rely ONLY on them.

-A lack of implementation ethics.

Talk is cheap now. People today appear to throw obligations, promises and many different things at customers, customers, friends, and even family members that in some ways they hope will occur but are not 100% sure they’ll. Ever left a message you hadn’t heard from them? Ever have someone tell you twenty-five minutes later they finally showed up, and they will meet with you for; coffee at a time, lunch, a meeting? Been promised a refund with a supplier who stated after a few days you are waiting, and it would take 24 hours? Enough examples – that I could give thousands to you. The common thread in all of them is a lack of ethics.

There are far too many motives and contributors to this issue in the recent sales (and standard relationship) surroundings so let me only cover a straightforward concept – does this lack of consistency, integrity or commitment in your opinion, bring about; reduced client loyalty, bad customer relations, poor repeat business, weak references and referrals, inadequate word of mouth and just a bad reputation generally?

If you want to avoid any of these”poor” issues (outcomes, outcomes, consequences) – it’s simple – here are five things to consider

(yes there are more) – 1) begin believing what you say and saying what you mean.

2)Quit making excuses – just take action.

3)If you can’t do it or are not sure if it is going to happen – don’t promise it.

4)If circumstances that are beyond your control cause a guarantee or commitment not to be sent – fix it quickly.

5) Discover from your communicating mistakes. Stop repeating the same behaviours which are doing nothing to increase sales results and your image, whether as an individual or a company!


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