Are you currently struggling with what you are doing and feel like quitting? Life is full of challenges. Learning is the key to being successful. There will be no triumph, and there’ll be no testimonies. This post aim at showing you the components you will need for success despite all odds.

All these things I have spoken to you personally, that in Me you might have peace. You will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. – John 16:33 (NKJV).

For there is hope for a tree, even that its tender shoots won’t cease, and if it’s cut down, that it will sprout again. Although its origin can grow old in the earth, and its stump may die in the planet, yet at the scent of water it will bud and bring forth branches like a plant – Job 14:7-9 (NKJV).

Men and women are tired of the dwelling; they have struggled for quite a while with no effect that is tangible to show for the efforts. Some have attributed their situations to their family background, illiteracy, and poverty, and so have resolved to accept it as their destiny. The reality is some men and women have gone through worse scenarios and emerged successfully.

Let’s consider some examples to inspire you:

A) From the scriptures

He had been. He rose to be a leader in Babylon, who served under three or even four rulers. Other leaders highly preferred him. He prospered in a foreign land where he was presumed to be a slave. He triumphed against all the odds.

He went to the prison for committing no offense from the pit, where he is put by his brothers, from the house of Potiphar to Potiphar’s house for a slave; then, except for refusing to lie along with his master’s wife. He got to the palace because the second in command in Egypt. He went through trying periods before his victory even though God revealed him before they would bow to him and that he was going to be above his brethren.

B) Contemporary illustrations

Nick Vujicic
He’s a guy with no limbs who has an excellent effect on the lives of people, an Australian evangelist, and a motivational speaker. He is regarded as among the wealthiest and most influential personalities in the United States of America. While growing up and even attempted suicide, he went through a lot, but thanks to God, He overcame them all and triumphed against all the odds.

Ben Carson
He was a troubled youth that grew up under abject poverty but needed a mother that had faith in him and affected him. He ended up being a renowned neurosurgeon, also has written several novels, including the famous autobiography’ Gifted Hands.’

These people went through a lot of struggles by taking individual decisions and measures, but they fought their way through into achievement. Let us consider them here:


What you have to have, do or be to succeed Regardless of all odds

1. Righteousness

Because a just man may fall seven days, the number one ingredient you will need is an ideal standing with God, but he will grow up again. It requires God to triumph against all the odds. You need His help and prefer to make it. It starts Jesus Christ as your savior. Christ reminds us in John 16:33 that in this world, we will have troubles, but He ended by promising because He has overcome the world, that in Him, you may have peace.

2. Do What’s required

It is not enough to say you have done your best. The question would be, “Have you done the required?” You have to discover what’s required to succeed. Go for knowledge and also apply the same. The stark reality is that God’s people defeated or are destroyed for lack of wisdom. You have to do the necessary that you succeed in life.

3. Persistence and Perseverance

That is currently continuing in what you believe in or are doing despite oppositions, challenges, issues, or delays in attaining success. You tend to become stronger, more thankful, and compassionate as you maintain and persist. You need to keep moving. Isaac kept digging wells until the Philistines stopped quarreling wells over with him.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “If you can’t fly then conduct if you can’t run, then walk if you can not walk then creep, but whatever you do, you need to keep moving forward.” Without understanding, they were to succeed by the time they quit. A lot of people fail.

4. Courage

You have to be courageous if you are going to be successful against all the odds. You want it if you’re going to do what you’ve never done before or you won’t want to perform again. It allows you to keep going on even once you don’t have the power to continue. It is the backbone of most successful men and women. God needed to tell Joshua to be courageous again and again because of the task he had ahead of him. He was entering into Moses’ shoes, and they were big. As the Lord instructed him and he became very profitable, but he did.

5. Diligence

This is a very important ingredient. You have to work hard and be diligent in your pursuit of success. It is not a child’s play. It requires a lot of work, sacrifices, and time. Diligence will take you places, make one to stand before kings rather than before men that are unidentified.

6. Consistency

That is acting or doing something in the exact same way over time, especially in order to be accurate or honest. Essentially, if you want to succeed, you must take control of your actions. This is because it is what you do that shapes your life and not what you do occasionally. It is the difference between failure and success. Daniel was constant in his prayers that his enemies attempted to use him when they could find no other fault in him; he had been faithful. His consistency paid off for him. God delivered him in the lion’s den as well as the king honored the Lord.

7. Enthusiasm

You need to be enthusiastic about what you’re doing towards attaining success. This is to have eager and intense pleasure, attention, or endorsement in what you are currently doing. Without being able to convince them that it is worth it, you can not attract others. Enthusiasm helps you to market your ideas, products, or service along with you to clients or your potential clients. Paul was very enthusiastic about his mission, and he chose to stay with them, rather than die and go to be with the Lord, in order to help them be established from the Lord.

8. Hope

Hope is the pillar that feeds your perseverance. It is what empowers you to turn your obstacles into stepping stones. It calms your desire to be successful regardless of all odds. The bible is the best bank for trust. It’s filled with seeds of hope. When you plant them into your heart, you’ll have hope. A tree could grow old in the ground, and its stump maybe also in the ground, but in the smell of water, it will sprout and bring forth fruits, which is the ability of hope. Hopelessness is the reason why people quit even when they’re so close to their breakthrough.

9. Religion

You have to have faith in yourself and in God. If it is possible to believe nothing will be impossible for you. No matter the challenges which come your way, together with religion, you will overcome them all. Abraham had faith in God. He had said to him, and the Lord did. Abraham began going to a place unknown to him, abandoned his family, and obeyed the Almighty. He held unto God’s word regarding his fruitfulness despite his body’s state until Sarah gave birth to Isaac.

10. Inspiration

For you to be successful against all the odds, you need to locate and follow those who had passed through what you are going through now and triumphed, people who are in which you desire to be, and people who will constantly inspire you to keep going on and to not quit. You proceed in life and can not be an island. You to locate for inspiration is that the Holy Spirit. Understanding is given by the inspiration of the Almighty.

11. Contentment 

Contentment is gain. You want to be contented with every amount and be grateful to God. Choose not to murmur or complain about what is to work in your life so that you or your job won’t be destroyed.

12. Patience

Patience is just another ingredient to include to acquire lasting and good success. You’ve got need of patience that as soon as you have done what is required, you’ll obtain success. Be patient with yourself, Rome.


In summary, a combination of the above will provide you success against all the odds. You are not the first to go through what you are currently going through, and you won’t be the final. Choose to be among the few that will always opt to be successful despite all odds. Bear in mind; God will be present to assist you all the way.



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